Too Weak To Be Your CureMature

His decision to get behind the wheel being as heavily intoxicated as he was had been a poor one --  but Griffon had simply went into a drunken rage at the sight of his most recent ex-girlfriend Valerie in bed with one of his good friends. Finishing his beer he drunkenly made his way towards the front door of the house, ignoring the overly loud bass, and a familiar voice that seemed to fall upon deaf ears.

“Griff!” called the familiar voice, belonging to a dainty girl that appeared to be no older than her early twenties. Griffon immediately recognized the voice to be that of his good friend Autumn, and despite this continued to reach his goal of the front door. It was at that moment she realized something wasn’t right, and despite being slightly intoxicated herself – it was bothering her that Griffon had simply ignored her. He never ignored her – and certainly he had no reason to after having disappeared for such a long period of time.

Not being able to contain herself any longer, Autumn politely excused herself from the current conversation and somehow managed to catch up with Griffon just before he had finally reached the front door. “I know I’m not five, but I really hate being ignored – plus you never ignore me.” She paused, raising an eyebrow as she studied him closely – taking note that he looked like he was about ready to kill someone.

“I’m not getting into it.” He began, running a hand through his dark unruly hair as an exasperated sigh slipped past his lips. “If I stay here, I’m going to get arrested let’s just put it that way.” He offered her a sardonic smile, before eventually pushing past her and continuing out the front door. “See ya the fuck later.” He muttered under his breath, slamming the door a lot louder than necessary and disappearing in the direction of his vehicle.

“Griffon you can’t drive, are you fucking crazy?” Autumn called after him, all the while digging through her purse in search of her cell phone. It wouldn’t be the first time she had called 911 after Griffon had pulled some sort of stupid stunt – but drinking and driving was something that wasn’t characteristic of him.

It was a miracle that Griffon had managed to maintain his consciousness considering how hard he had smashed his face off of the steering wheel upon impact. The taste of metal had quickly filled his mouth, as he found himself spitting out a mouthful of blood as he brought a shaky hand to the corners of his mouth to wipe away the remainder. He didn’t bother to immediately lift his head from the steering wheel, but instead took a moment to try and catch his breath and figure out what the fuck had just happened.

Inhaling deeply only caused a severe pain to shoot through his abdomen, which made him come to the conclusion that he had probably broken or at least fractured several ribs. It had all happened so fast, his head was spinning as he closed his eyes and desperately tried again to gather his thoughts. Somehow the music was still faintly playing what sounded like Guernica by Brand new, one of Griffon’s favorite songs – the only thing that seemed to bring him any sort of comfort at this point in time.  

The squealing of breaks, the unmistakable sound of metal twisting and crunching as the vehicle collided with the wooden pole. He was sure he should have felt more pain than he did, but the amount of adrenaline pumping through his veins seemed to be doing some sort of good. He made an attempt to free himself from the restraint of the seatbelt but to no avail, his hands shaking so badly it seemed an impossible task. “Fuck.” He managed to croak, starting to become discouraged.  

As time passed, the realization that this was probably the end wasn’t exactly settling well – or that he had probably lost a fair amount of blood at this point. The events of the previous evening were flooding through his hazy mind – realizing attending this party had been his downfall. It hadn’t taken long for Griffon to delve back into old habits, and become acquainted with some of the people who had knowingly helped lead him down his unfortunate path.

Griffon had just recently moved back to the area after things hadn’t exactly worked out with his girlfriend at the time, and considering he had become unusually homesick. However, returning to the area was supposed to be a new beginning but instead seemed to be turning into something out of a nightmare.

The entire night hadn’t been that terrible – despite being completely wasted,

which tempted him even more just to close his eyes and give into the temptation to slip into unconsciousness where he wouldn’t have to deal with any of this. Then again, the idea of going to sleep and not waking up again didn’t really sound all that appealing.

 A million thoughts were flooding Griffon’s mind, but the main one that plagued it was the fact that he still willingly made stupid decisions and couldn’t just learn from his previous mistakes.

The fact that he was probably going to bleed to death before anybody did find him wasn’t exactly settling well, nor that he wouldn’t get to say goodbye to anybody that actually meant anything to him. He wasn’t actually a bad person, he just tended to make really poor decisions.

The blur of red and blue lights in the distance put an end to any of his suspicion that he had just simply imagined it and somehow in a strange twist of fate everything didn’t seem so hopeless anymore.

The End

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