The AccidentMature

Everybody has made poor decisions, some of us learn from our mistakes - others not so much. Following a car accident and a strange twist of fate twenty seven year old Griffon needs to make a decision to continue down the path he's been on, or change his ways and begin to pick the pieces up of his dysfunctional life.

As morning dawned on the city and the sun crept from beyond the horizon illuminating the city in its usual morning glow, the ­­pale yellow walls of the hospital room being no exception. The sunlight may have been the only thing that seemed to bring a sense of optimism to an otherwise somber place. Lying in a hospital bed was probably the last place Griffon was expecting to be waking up on this particular Friday morning, but it wasn't every day you wrapped your vehicle around a telephone pole on a desolate stretch of highway and lived to tell the tale.

Multiple cords and monitors snaked their way up and around the bed, an IV catheter held firmly in place with a piece of clear tape but not without a struggle on Griffon's behalf. Regardless that Griffon would be twenty seven on his birthday he still somehow managed to hold onto the phobia of needles he had developed as a child. It may have seemed ridiculous, and it sort of was – but to Griffon it was completely justified in his own mind.

Bruises, broken bones, flesh wound. Dark lavender bruises were beginning to form and become more noticeable surrounding both of Griffon’s eyes, but his right eye was more noticeably swollen than the other. His lips were curved into somewhat of a frown, appearing to be in the middle of what was probably an unpleasant dream.

His bottom lip now crusted with dried blood, a reminder of how hard he had bitten down on it following impact. Various stray shards of glass from the shattered windshield had found themselves embedded in various parts of his face – mainly his forehead. Most of the gashes seemed harmless enough, but a few were held together by tedious sutures.

Still, despite the slight frown Griffon appeared peaceful enough lying there with his dark brunette hair surprisingly more unruly than usual. Drug induced or not, it was a much needed rest.

2:56am, Thursday December 6th

It had all happened in a matter of seconds-- a thin layer of black ice on the highway being the cause behind the vehicle suddenly veering sideways before finally colliding with one of the many poles lining the desolate stretch of highway. Griffon had never been so certain in his life that this was it, the end of the road – his last bad decision. Out of all the stupid things that he had done, this was going to be the one that ended everything.

Why did he have to make such stupid decisions, why did he have to dip back into old behaviors that had caused him so much hardship in the past? Well, the answer was simple and that was Griffon was incredibly stubborn and apparently had yet to realize that his reckless tendencies were his downfall. 

The End

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