Section 3 - Being a Fan Fiction Writer

We're there! We've made it to the final section! Congratulations on managing to stomach all of this sarcastic moaning about bad writing from someone who couldn't spell to save their life. I'll make this section as brief as possible.

Rules of Being a Fan Fiction Writer

1) At the end of a chapter, don't give a lengthy paragraph about whats going on in your life. It breaks up the story and distracts the reader. Imagine that you're watching a film, and everytime the scene changes, someone pauses the tv to talk to you about their day. Yes, it is that annoying.

2) Share and share alike. You love getting comments and reviews right? Well take some time to read through other writer's stuff to get inspiration, and then tell them what you liked about it. Not only are you developing your own knowledge as a writer, you're also helping out a fellow artisan. If they're really really terrible, remember that everyone had to start out somewhere. Be critical, but always be constructive!

3) Don't use the phrase "with every fibre of my being." It's been used so many times that no matter how emotional, intense or apt it is, to the experienced reader it sticks out like a sore thumb, and shows a lot of naivety and immaturity in your writing.

4) Keep the use of the words "babe" or "baby" to a minimum. In villains it's been overdone, in sleazy old men it's too predictable, and in main characters, it seriously lowers a readers opinion of them.

5) Remember the intesity that some people feel towards the fandom you are using. Don't take it personally if you get some bad comments from people who don't like what you've done. A lot of the time they are obsessed fangirls who will slam anything that doesn't agree with them. Look out for the constructive critisism (usually can be identified when they say "this is really good, but you need to....etc) and take in onboard, as this probably comes from someone rational, who know's what they're on about.

6) Fan fiction is fun! You get to mess around with the characters you love! You get to share the story as you would like to have seen it and toy around with the 'what ifs'. So have some fun with it. And hey, it's great practise for your own stories later, and will make you a stronger writer! Enjoy it, and keep writing!

The End

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