Fevered HeatMature

This song will melt your clothes of your body so don't read it at work. I WARNED YOU!!!!



Fevered heat on a lazy summer day

Water drips down the side of a plastic cup

No one sees the water marks

or the wet spots on the bedside table

Eyes wide open watching one another

We all know these lips will feast

The heart beats tells us so

They echo the sweetest of percussion  

I want your lips on mine


I want to give you every part of me

You don’t have to ask when

Everything I am is laid out infront of you

I know you’ll worship my heart, my mind…my body

Lay a crown on my head and lace at my feet

Kiss me now

Start with a whisper

A secret being revealed

The proclaim it the world


I love You!

You free my mind and unburden my soul

And with every kiss I choke up with the beauty of it all

Baby let me show you

If I don’t have the words, let my hands do the talking

This is what we fight so hard for

What we would die to keep

Love made and sent out to free the world


Night claims the sky

It’s cooler now but I feel nothing but the heat lying next to you

The cup has tipped over but no one sees

We stare past the ceiling

Sign and sigh again

Until sleep seels up our eyes

And we rest

And we lie soul to soul

The End

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