A letter to a cat can purr optimism inside your heart.

Dear stray cat,

I see you wandering here and there with no particular responsibility in the ambivalent mind of your consciousness. I see your fur as you are dressed with it through a life that is adventurous, playful and proudly lived on.

I am an individual of mankind, and though bigger I am than you, I never intended to be this big with bigger responsibilities. Albeit evidently, you are free. You are small, but not confined in a chained complexity, while I tell you the ethical aspect of this world. It is a competition in milieus that can rage silently and burn the subordinate competitor from within. It stages the competition between sophistication and simplicity oftentimes, a legacy shared among the many forms of life, every now and then. It is true, and yes, of course, many of us construe good action as a measure of happiness. But still, you have reason to be proud of your life form, for you have won the simplicity I admire against lifestyle. And yet, reverentially, I have lost this live game to the complexity of being human in nature.

I leave this stage for my fellow mankind to communicate with you further.


The End

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