Feeling Life The Lighter Way

Story of a boy having difficulties in life taking its toll on him but instead of running away he decides to enjoy it all along.

Being born in a middle class in Mumbai isn't a cake's walk. Having to make compromises all through is the order of the day. To top it having a family like mine isn't easy on the view. Meet myself , Shikhar and my family "The  Khanna's".This is my account of my not so great but entertaining life and my struggle to face it. Well you may think this is just another story but mind you, you may be pleasantly surprised if you do keep up the pace.

The Khanna's were a small time household in a small suburb in Mumbai. Eagerly  waiting for their first child Indrajeet and Malini were very tensed as they made their way to the maternity ward.Waiting outside Indrajeet's father and mother Baljeet and Usha were busy polishing God for the well being of their daughter-in-law and her child. The doctor's and sister's were hurrying with the operation as the delivery could  happen at any time.

On the hospital bed Malini was in immense pain but was happy to make sure that she was on the verge to make a part of her into a living and breathing child . Indrajeet was quite uneasy violently walking from one end of the corridor to another.Amid the chaos a small but patient child was waiting to come into this world. And after a struggle of around 2 hours out came the warrior to tame this world. Well yes, that's me being pushed into this world to conquer it or be perished.

After careful observation I was placed near my mom. People of my family bee-lined to have a view of me and there I was crying to see such a crowd in front of me.Indrajeet said " I told you Malini we would have Boy!". Baljeet,my grandfather echoed the same views to Usha. I was still pondering over the discussion as I didn't visualize the difference it made whether I was a Boy or a Girl. Having spent a week in the hospital  i was finally released from the hospital and I was being carried away by my mom carefully to my first vision of my home a sweet home.

The End

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