Fawlty Towers meets SuperbadMature

The classic characters of Fawlty Towers meet Mclovin and Seth of Superbad!

Mr. Fawlty calls staff meeting.

Basil: (Yells) All staff to the kitchen immediately for a staff meeting.

Receptionist, Butler and Maid leave.

Mclovin and Seth enter.

Seth: Fogal Dude.... check us in with your fake ID.

Mclovin: Yeah man! Chic a chic a yeah fake ID fake ID

Seth: Shut up Fagal....Gimme some beer

Takes Drink

Seth: That’s good stuff..... Now go

Mclovin: Shut up Seth....  (Takes out ID sized paper, unfolds many times into giant sheet of paper), I’m the one with the fake ID.

Seth: (Seth Walks over and points to Mclovin) you put Mclovin on it.... You don’t even have a first name... And take off the vest... you look like Aladdin. Now go.

Ring bell five times.

Mclovin: It’s not working

Seth: Here, try this (Pulls bell from pocket)

Mclovin: Why do you have a bell?

Seth: It’s my bell

Mclovin: yeah but why do you have it

Seth: Because I want a bell, shut up and try it Fagal.

Mclovin rings both bells simultaneously. “Chic a chic a yeah!”

Manuel enters, looks around, calls for Mr Fawlty twice.

Manuel: I help, I help, si si. (Walks around behind desk). Ah, nombre, ah how you say.... name, name.

Seth: Seth.

Manuel: Ah, si si Mr Seth.

Seth: No no, just Seth.

Manuel: Que..... Mr Seth??????

Seth: No, just Seth.

Manuel: Ah, si si (leans in) Misses Seth?

Seth: What’s with this guy??? Just Seth.

Manuel: Ah, si si si, Seth (winks) and you?

Mclovin: Mclovin.

Manuel: Que?

Mclovin: Um, Mclovin.

Manuel: ....Mc Mc McDonalds!!!? You are Ronald McDonald. (Shakes hand) I love happy meal, muy bueno.

Mclovin: No, it’s Mclovin

Manuel: Que... No comprende.... Habla espanol???

Mclovin: What?? Espanol???

Seth: We speak American dude.

Manuel: Que... Eeeenglish???

Seth: No, American... A-me-ri-can.

Manuel: Ah, si si... I speak very good American... I learn it from a book... Your name, Mr American????

Mclovin: It’s Mclovin.

Manuel: Ah, si si... McMuffin... You are Mr McMuffin. Ah, si si si.

Mclovin: Me... Mclovin!

Manuel: Oh, you want McMuffin... si si, I call, I call... (Picks up phone and dials) Hello.... how are you today, Si si, uno McMuffin...

Seth: Yeah, I could go for a McMuffin

Manuel: Si... Dos McMuffins. Uno for Mr McMuffin y uno for his amigo GRANDE, MUY GRANDE.... Que...... He say, no McMuffin after ten in morning... Que... No no, but I have Mr McMuffin here in my hotel now...... No he here, he here.... Hello, hello?...... He hang up....

Mclovin: Dude, it’s Mclovin!

Manuel: Que?

Mclovin: Mclovin! M C LOVIN!

Manuel: ..... (Gasp) MC Hammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love hammer time... Stop hammer time, do do do do do do, hammer time.... You can’t touch this! (Goes for high five)

Seth: ... Can we speak to the manager please?

Manuel: ..... I am Manager, I am manager. (Writes down) MC Hammer.

Mclovin: It’s Mclovin... I AM MCLOVIN, MCLOVIN, MCLOVIN, IT’S MCLOVIN!!! LOOK AT THE ID (Shows him ID).

Manuel: Ah, Mclovin, why you no say??? I love Superbad, muy bueno

Mclovin goes crazy with anger, hits pile of newspapers off of desk.

Enter Basil Fawlty.

Basil: Manuel, can you come here please??

Manuel walks over. Basil hits him over the head. Manuel falls to ground behind desk.

Basil: Sorry about that. You are in room 29. Manuel, give them the key.

Manuel crawls over and gives Seth the key.

Manuel: I take bags, si...

Manuel crawls towards door with bags.

Mclovin and Seth take bags. Enter Major.

Major: Morning Fawlty, morning Mclovin, Seth

Mclovin: Morning Major.

Seth: C’mon lets go.

Major: Papers in yet Fawlty?

Picks up paper from floor and leaves.

Mclovin and Seth exit. Manuel stumbles after.

Manuel: No no, I help, I help.

The End

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