Favourite bit of writing so far

out of all my stroies, this is my favourite bit momentarily. Let me know what you think!

Melanie walked to the bridge then sat on an archway, looking out while her legs hung over the edge. She put her arms around the supports either side then looked out to the hills.

The dark and light green seemed to mix from afar and shine brightly in the sun

s light. The country lanes were barely visible but thin lines of yellow could be seen from certain angles. The trees looked like small hedges from the distance and the hedges that made up the border werent visible. Clouds making up various shapes drifted effortlessly across the clear blue sky. She took a deep breath then exhaled slowly. A smile grew as the feeling of being free felt more realistic. A soft, gentle wind blew around the bridge, gently misplacing her hair slightly. She unhooked an arm then pushed her hair behind her ears, it had grown a lot since yesterday and the layers were less obvious. Melanie moved her bead bag to her side then looked out again, re-hooking her arm around the support.

The End

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