you cannot escape the wonders of FASHION

Fashion is not just clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup ect, it’s also a way of life, a form of judgment. When you walk through a shop and you see someone steal, the first thing you look for is a Uniform, not just any uniform but a blue on with specific accessories, such as police and security. Notice we look for their fashion because it defines who they are and what they do. Fashion rules our lives, good or bad we can’t escape. We do not ask to be a part of this judgment; we bring it upon ourselves with the fashions we wear. Some people will purposely try to escape fashion which they call those girls on devil wears Prada and legally blonde when in actual fact its everything everyone wears it, we all have a unique sense of fashion, so they still are in it, they wear what they think excludes them from the fashion world, and feel comfortable about that, but they are still in fashion, their own sense of fashion, it’s like trying to run in water, its hard and doesn’t get you very far, swimming with the waves gets you to the shore it doesn’t matter how you swim or in which direction either way you’re still swimming. So no matter what fashion is fashion and fashion is whatever you make off it.

The End

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