I wait alone. These fields... they have no name. Least not to me. It doesn’t bother me however. I can see the sunset perfectly. A golden hue on an emerald hill. It’s so beautiful... you have no idea. This is the place where all will become clear. But I don’t want to think about that now. I just want to watch the sunset.  The stars sparkle silver, a route to another tomorrow. In my solace I never realise I am crying.

I waited forever. In our special place. But, you never came... no you never did. No matter how much my heart ached. Misery, sadness, depression. They are just words now. They have no meaning, as long as I can watch the sunset. I’ll be gone soon. It will all fade away. I know you will not meet me... it’s okay. I was never a fan of goodbyes. That song... remember? We always used to sing it together. The words... they escape me. But you always remembered them. But you never remembered to meet me.

These shadows look like graves. I have to be leave soon. I just hope you have no regrets. I don’t. The sun has almost set... almost. I can see the crimson streaks in the sky colour into a maudlin black. Fitting really...
I know when I leave, I will not look back. A simple path, paved with the memories. Both good and bad. I can’t tell the difference now. Least now, I feel some joy. For the past few years I have felt nothing but a crushing sense of defeatism. I can breathe now. I have clarity. I don’t regret anything now. I can smile and not feel burdened.  It’s been a wonderful life, even if there has been days of choking blackness. It’s been beautiful, even if it is the end. I never realised before.

The End

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