Don't You Hippies Listen To The News?

Scene 4 - Ext. Forest - Day.

Heather and Josh are asleep, still tied to their trees. The sign over Heather's head has drooped over her face. Josh slowly wakes up, looks at her and smiles.


Heather? Heather, it's morning.

Heather jolts awake.


Don't eat that burger!

Josh laughs. Heather tries to shake the sign off her face, and laughs when it falls to the ground.


What do you know, Square? We lived through

the night!


Yeah. We did. And you know, you were right. It

was totally groovy. And far out!

Heather giggles.


I'm sorry, Josh. You're not a square. I

always knew you weren't.

A hiker in a luminous vest comes by. He slows down and stops in front of Heather and Josh.


What are you two punks up to?

HEATHER (angrily)

We're here to save these trees! Those awful

loggers will have to get through us!


Loggers? You kids do know that the logging

permit was rejected?

Heather and Josh look at each other.




Yeah. Don't you hippies listen to the news?

He walks on.

Heather frantically wriggles out of her ropes. She releases herself a moment before Josh does. She stuffs her sign into her bag and tears away. Josh does the same and chases after her.

Cut to:

Scene 5 - Ext. Hillside - Day.

Josh is chasing Heather down the hill. Heather shouts over her shoulder;


Look out, Josh! We're killing innocent grass

life with our feet!

The End

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