Heather "Little Flower"

Scene 2 - Ext. Forest - Day.

Heather and Josh drop their bags. Josh sits heavily on the ground. Heather paces over and back, breathing deeply.


Do you feel it, Josh? Do you feel the

force of nature just calling out to you

to do her work?

Josh rubs his forehead and shakes his head.


No, Heather, I -

HEATHER (shouting)

Here we are, Mother Nature! We're ready

to do your beautiful duty! Do you hear me?

JOSH (mutters)

Oh, God...

Two teenage hippies, Rex and Love, arrive, but they have no bags. Love has some rolled-up paper.

Heather sees them and squeals and runs to hug them.


Hey there, Little Flower! We heard you were

on the cause! Just came to say good luck.

Heather looks at both of them.


You guys aren't gonna stay?


Well, Rexy's not feeling too good. We don't want

him coming down with anything.

Heather looks disappointed.


Rex, Love - you remember Josh, don't you?

Rex and Love wave at Josh, who is still on the ground. He waves back with a tight smile.

REX (mutters)

Ah, yeah... The square.

Josh's face drops.


Excuse me?

Heather laughs nervously and turns towards her bag.


Come on, Love. Give me a hand with the ropes.

Fade out.

Fade in.

Heather and Josh are tied to a tree each. "SAVE THESE TREES" posters are pinned above each of their heads. Love and Rex are standing nearby, looking satisfied.


Thanks, you guys!


We'll come by again tomorrow to see

how it's going.

Rex and Love wave and set off back down the hill.

Heather looks across at Josh.


So, Little Flower. Now what?

The End

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