"Far Out"

This is a short I've been working on for a while; A teenage hippie teaches her boyfriend about what it means to be at one with Mother Nature. Or so she thinks..

Scene 1 - Ext. Hillside - Day.

Heather - a teenage hippie - and her boyfriend Josh - who isn't a hippie - are walking uphill with bags on their backs. Josh has a mobile in his hand and is listening to the radio.

Heather stops, turns around and takes the phone from Josh. She throws it back down the hill. Josh stares after it.


What did you do that for?


You don't need that out here. All you need

 is the peace and serenity between humankind

and Nature.


So I can't even listen to the news?


Here's the news, Josh - these trees

are in terrible danger. And only we

can save them. So you have to be fully

committed to this!

Josh looks at her and smiles.


Babe, you know I am.

Heather smiles back.


Sorry about your phone. I'll get you a

new one when we get back.

Heather continues cheerfully up the hill.


Don't worry, Josh. This is going to be

totally groovy! I mean, absolutely

far out!

Josh looks a bit skeptical as he starts to follow her.


Geez, Heather... Nobody uses words like

that anymore.

The End

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