Far (Lyrics)

Well it's a song and these are lyrics... It still needs to be structured correctly but there isn't a whole lot I can do about that until I get the instrumentals in. Although I do have a solid working melody, so for now it is a start.
Despite all of that it is easily my favorite piece I've come up with so far... and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

While asleep she dreams in color.
I’m not deserving of her love, and
If these walls could tell their stories...
They'd remain silent just the same.

And I'm enamored by her beauty,
Captivated by her gentle touch.
As she traces time along its sides...

...And I’ve come to find,
It's somewhere in her subtle stare.
The way she, casually flips her hair...
Something about the way, she sees right thru,
All of the scars, that I have shared.

I want to take her by the hand,
And run so goddamn far away...
We'll travel halfway 'cross the world and find,
That we've abandoned all the pain.
(she feels inside)
I know she tries, her best to hide.
(that it still hurts)
Because the past, she'll never change...
(although she's tried)
I'll show her, life’s more than, the consequence.
Of the mistakes, that she once made...

The End

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