Fantandein: An Encyclopedia

Part Four: Extras

Bunga berries: A poisonous purple berry which causes severe bladder trouble.

Cambi Sweets: Round white candies with red stripes. High in sugar and tastes of Vindi berries and Popolopulus juice.

Gemi mushrooms: Purple mushroom which is edible, although they must be picked and cooked before they gain black spots. When crushed in to a paste they are good at cleaning wounds.

Juju plant: Made up of big purple/ blue leaves with bright pink vein which have no medicinal value whatsoever.

Popolopulus fruit: A purple berry the size of a human child's fist, with green seeds on the outside. Very tasty and a favourite treat.

The Seer Stone of the Sanfadier 'san-fad-ear'( all- seeing), which allows the bearer to see the future. The cause of the Great War. Went missing during the war and no side knew who had taken it.

Taka plant: A common plant best known for its treatment of burns.

Vindi berries: A delicious fruit known by travellers as the 'life saver' berry. Fills your stomach so you no longer feel hungry and you stop feeling thirsty. 

The End

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