Fantandein: An Encyclopedia

Part Three: Places

Castle Hava (Hava means Hope): On the edge of the ocean, on a cliff. A white castle with coral pink tower tops and plants growing up the side. Has a large garden and stable.

Castle Lock: The other side of Castle Hava from Trephin, once again on lower ground before the Mountains of Durhelm. The giant grey stone structure which collects some of the water from the mountains that flows to the ocean and uses it to power the mills nearby.

Desert of Despair: On the far side of the Mountains of Durhelm. A vast expanse of sand with no life on it. Uncrossable.

Forest of Garnee (Garnee means Peace): A small forest between the Mountains of Durhelm and the Plains of Kaya which is inhabited by humans, animals and other races. It is here that the treaty was signed after the Great War, hence the name.

Forest of Illumini (Illumini means Light): Home of the Falath'Nakan, and is rarely entered by anyone. This forest has some of the lands most beautiful and useful plants and animals within its cover, but because it is inhabited by the Falath’Nakan not many people dare enter, as this race is protective of nature.

Kashranda: a dark spiralled castle which is home to King Stephan’s evil sorcerer brother Sethos and his daughter Desdemonda.

Lost Marshes: Here dwell the Vaan, and no one dares to enter their domain, since there have been tales that anyone who enters is never seen again.These rumours were probably started by the Vaan themselves, to keep their treasures safe from prying eyes.

Mountains of Durhelm (Durhelm means Catastrophe): The mountain range on the Castle Hava side of the Muta Valley. Supposedly home to Vingers and Lothrids.

Plains of Kaya (Kaya means Joy):Wide open grassy spaces where humans, animals and other forms of life live. From a birds eye these plains are divided by streams, rivers and lakes the stretch from the sea and through the Valley of Muta

Trephin: Down the hill from Castle Hava, bordering on the ocean. A fishing city with a port. The buildings are white washed and covered in sea side ornaments such as shells and pebbles.

Valley of Muta ( Muta means Blessed): where most of the human villages and towns are found. Protected by the unclimbed valley walls, these humans farm the land and work in happiness and peace, if not luxury.

Wastes of Kavar: Full of outcasts and evil hearted creatures. There is nothing of beauty in the land. Black and burnt.



The End

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