Fantandein: An Encyclopedia

Part Two: Animals

Bovak 'bow-vac' (Beast): Ugly, hairy, hoofed creature. Known for its tasty meat and its sharp horns.

Darma (Beast): Large, no- haired creature with hooked fangs, golden eyes and greyish black skin. Large paws with hooked claws and a red furry end to their tail. Sharp pointy ears and a love of human flesh.  

Kesh (Fish): A fish with silver scales and green fan fins. The favorite fish of the Trephin fishermen. Found in open water.

Nimrim (Fish): Small fish with blue and red stripes. Fast swimmer and lays bright blue eggs with red centres. Found in corals.

Rivlim 'riv-limb' (Beast): A fat pack animal used by merchants to carry their wares.

Tikita (Bird): Has the smallest living heart and is very hard to see, but has a beautiful eerie song which has been known to make the hardest of hearts weep with its melancholy tone. Emerald green feathers and long wings which curve round its back meeting it's long tail.

Vandrial (Reptile) :Large serpantine creature of the sea with large poisonous fangs and red eyes. Green scaled with a long neck and sharp, razored fins, its mouth is surrouned by tentacles and it's head is decorated with two large fins on either side of it's eyes.

Vinger:‘vin-ger’(Reptile) Sharp toothed, reptile like creatures with horned heads and red eyes. Generally a dull bronze colour, they feed on the flesh of most creatures, and are renowned killers. Believed to be the ‘pets’ of the Lothrids. This creature hates daylight.

The End

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