Fantandein: An Encyclopedia

An encyclopedia of Fantandein- a fantasy world which I created and am working on a story for with a few talented authors.

Part One: Races

Falath'Nakan: 'fa-lath-na-kaan'. An ancient race of treetop dwellers with cat-like eyes and coloured markings on their skin like tattoos which they are born with. Colours: Red- warrior, Purple- magic user, Green- cleric/sage, Blue- Only seen once before, and the dweller had the abilities of all three of the colours. However, all the power he possessed destroyed him in the end, as he turned on his people. Rare colour. The Falath'Nakan are well known for their agility, their speed and their intelligence. However, they do not tend to venture from their forest habitat, and have rarely been seen since the Great War of Fantandein 'fan-tan-dayn'.


Lothrid:A mud coloured creature, the same height as the Vaan. They are distant cousins,but the Lothrid are much uglier than the Vaan, since their eyes are the colourof rubies and their chubby little bodies ooze a sticky green liquid which is poisonous to the touch and appears from their body when they are in deep distress or are angry. They have very few teeth but have filed them in to stubby points, and they eat their own slime. They, like the Vaan, collect treasures, but they hide them in caves rumoured to be guarded by Vingers. The Lothrid hates daylight, just like its pet.   

Siviere: 'si-veer'. The race of water folk who have developed to walk on land. They live in any large expanse of water and have often been confused with sirens by humans, as their song is enchanting. They use their song to keep the water clear, and have no evil inclinations. They are the most beautiful of all the races, with pale skin that shines as though it is constantly wet although it is dry, and beautiful blue eyes which change just as the colours of the ocean change, depending on their mood. In the water their bodies become less visible and more like the water, but as soon as their skin hits air they become human shaped.  

Sorcerer:Human with some magical power. Usually enhanced by a source of power such as a staff or amulet. Depending on the strength of the bloodline from which the
magic comes, and the evil/ good in their heart, the sorcerer can be extremely

Vaan: 'v-ah-n'. An ugly race of small creatures with human shaped bodies and distorted faces. Known for their greed, the creatures will do almost anything for a large bag of gold, or a precious ornament. They dwell in marshes, and have developed an underwater system so that they can hide all their treasures under the marsh where no one will find them.


The End

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