I sat glaring at the television and sighed with relief.

She's doing fine. I was back in my apartment and I got here with no press!

Yay, this girl Keera was great!!!!

Dan had gone to the studio he was going to be talking to her about the routine.

And he said I didn't have to go school!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

Don't ask me why I hate it so much, I mean I'm good at most subjects.

"So Keera are you good at gymnastics like Sasha?" My attention is turned back to the television.

"Um, not really" she mutters starting to get nervous.

"No!" I shout. "Stay calm and answer with dignity"

It's like she heared me cause she sit's up straight and takes on a clear tone.

I sigh. I may be over reacting but that's just me.

Sasha Liveton, super singer, super athelete and top of the presses destroy her image list.

I mean they want to find something juicy on me. Like do I party, ocasionally, do I do drugs, Never in my life, and how I cope with presure, fine in front of them.

I sigh and relax back. I'll be sleeping here for the night and Keera will be told.

I'm scared she'll be over reacting but I can totally compare too that!

I hope she stays away from Dan although she probably knows from the press that I'm dating him.

The End

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