I got a call saying a car would come pick me up to take me to a interview... What the hell? I can't even stutter a speech out. How am I going to do a INTERVIEW?!?!???

And, hello? ON LIVE TELLY!!!!!!!!!OHMIGOD OHMIGOD!!!!

Okay, Keera, breeaaathhh. In through your nose, out thrugh your mouth, ect, ect.

I've calmed down, oh no! the car is here! Okay. I look good, and I'm ready to go!

I got in the car and greeted the driver. Did they know I wasn't Sasha?

I called her quickly.


"Hi, Sasha, it's Keera." I muttered.

"Oh my God! Hi!!!Um. What do ya want?"She exclaimed.

"Do they know it's noy YOU ding the interview?"I said quickly.

"Oh, dang! I forgot about that! And, oh yeah, they know it's YOU silly!"She said, as if she was smiling, it sounded funny in her american accent.

"Oh thanks! Bye!" Then I hit the 'hang up' button. And sighed.

We finnally got there and it was a HUGE  building. I walked inside.

"Hello!"Said the lady at the counter, "how may I help you?"

"Um. I'm Keera. I'm replacing Sasha Liveton whilst she's away."I said.

"Oh yes! I'll just show you the way!"Then she took me to a big studio and showed me to the presenter that would be interviewing me.

"Hey!" Said the woman."I'll be interviewing YOU today!" She sounded fake. A fake, petty, kind voice. I was betting she was really mean  in real life.

"Um. Hi. I'm Keera."I muttered.

"Oh, yeah! Your replacing Sasha. Aren't you? Well howdy, we'll be starting in about 5 mins, make your self comfy!"

"Kay."I grumbled.

"And starting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! ACTION!"Yelled a camera man. I sat down on the sofa quickly.

"Hello! I'm Seleena! And today on the teen-news, we have.....Keera! She's standing in for Sahsa Liveton! Hey, Keera!" She smiled a big fake smile that didn't meet her big brown eyes.

"Hi!"I said in my sweetest voice.

"And hi to you too, Keera! And first of all, HOW did you manage to get this BIGGGG break?"She asked enthusiastically.

"Oh, well, my friend Tommy from my school in England, said his big brother knows Sasha, and he told him that I had an amazing voice. And POW! Here I am!" I grinned. Wow! I was good at this!

"Oh, well, I guess thats great! So, Keera, would you mind singing a song for us?" She asked, her voice was like toffe, all sweet and sticky.

"Oh, sure! What to you  want me to sing; one of my own songs, another song, or one of Sahsa's?"

"Oh, how 'bout one of your own?!" She smiled encouragingly.

"OK!"Isaid, and I got up, a mic was passed to me  I grabbed it and thanked the guy who got it for me.

"Okay! One, two three!"Cried Seleena.

I took a deep breath.

"You took my heart, then kicked it out the way, without a moments wo-oorth! You never saw the pain on my face, because you were with he--e-eer!

I never knew such hurt, that I felt that day....."

When I had finished, the crowed clapped wildly. And I knew I could do the rest of the interview....

The End

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