Hold the interview

Music, a class I think I would enjoy. Not so much.

"Um, Keera" the teacher asks.

"Yes, Miss" I mutter.

"Will you please sing your solo" she says smiling.

"I think I have a soar throat miss" I say. What the flip? What solo?

"Oh, well why don't you go and sit down then" the teacher says clearly diaspointed.

I walk over to a chair far in the corner and pull out my Iphone. I text Dan.

'What the hell is this solo the teachers asking me about?????????'

I tap my foot while waiting and hear a knock at the door.

"Come in" the teacher calls. Dan steps in and I give off a sigh of relief.

"Excuse me Miss. I need to borrow Keera for a while" Dan says.

"Oh, sure" the teacher says nodding. I jump up and almost run out of the room. Dan closes the door.

"Dan, I'm dieing" I cry. "I hate this more than the press"

"Yeah.... about the press" Dan mutters. "It seems the real Keera called the police"

My jaw drops. "I'm doomed" I cry falling back to lean against the wall.

"Seems though the switch is working well. No one seems to notice the different except for those few in on the big shibang" Dan says smiling to reasure me.

"I want to go home" I moan.

"Well, this was your plan" Dan says shrugging.

"Yeah and look whats happened. I may be good at a few things but......" I trail off. "Wait, that reminds me this Keera seems to be only respected by her music teacher"

"Yeah, that's a problem. That's the only topic she's good at" Dan says nervously.

My jaw drops again. "She can't do any inteviews" I shout. "She'll ruin me"

"Well, you have nothing-" his phone goes off. "Oh, dear" he mutters.

"A interview" I squeek.

"Yeah, time to go" he says taking my hand and pulling me off down the corridor.

"You'll have to do this or at least give her tips"

"Deffinetly my career's on the line" I shout walking off ahead with Dan following laughing slightly.

The End

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