No curtains.

The FIRST thing I notice about the downstairs windows...Is that there are NO curtains!!!!Okay, why? If your like, super famous, why don't you have curtains?

"Oh."I muttered. There WERE blinds. Black ones--luckily!

I quickly headed over to the window and pulled them down. And I walked to every window and did the same thing. I could hear the groans of the reporters...But then they were ringing the phones, knocking of the windows and doors.

I grabbed my mobile and dialled the police.

"Hello, emergency servises, how can I help?"The lady asked.

"Police!" I cried.

"Hello? Police. How can I be of assitance?"A man asked.

"Please! The house I'm staying in--Sasha Livetons--is being bombarded by reporters!"I cried.

"Okay. I know where that is... Yes now! Oh sorry, then you must be the young girl who is taking over from her for a while!"Then he hung up. A few mins later, I could hear the sirens. And then alot of noise. Then a knock on the door.

I opened it; "Hello!"

"Hello madam. We have got rid of them. If there are any  other problems, give us a ring!" Then with that, he walked off to his car.

The End

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