Uhh, School

I stare shocked at the building then look at Dan whose messing with his hair.

"Your not serious" I say.

"Well, for what you want to work you'll have to take the girls place" he mutters smiling.

"What's the girls name again?" I mutter pouting angrily.

"Keera" Dan says. "Didn't you even ask the girl her name?"

"Well, I was just happy she'd have to take the press" I say leaning against him. "How long will she last?"

"I'll giev it a week maybe less" he mutter shrugging. "I bet she's got it bad now a news report on you is up"

He says showing me his phone. I read the title and shriek.

"Sasha losses her cool with the press, No!" I cry. "Skip school"

I try to turn but Dan wraps a arm round my shoulder and pulls me towards the school.

"No!" I shriek. He turns me to face him and kisses me. I stare shocked as he pulls away.

"You were saying?" he asks.

"You'll be attending here right" I say hugging him and I hear him chuckle.

The End

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