Living the dream!

I'm in  a limo! Tommy got me that deal! Mum and Dad said I could go for a while. Because I'm a substitute for SASHA!!!!I mean, Sash Liveton! The most LOVED celeb this year!!!!WOWZA!

Were finally here!!!OHMIGOD! OHMIGOD!!!!!!WOW! Her house is HUGE!

I god dressed up in my best cool out fit; black apple bottom jeans, a white strap top and Ugg Boots.  I'd curled my golden locks, so they curled and framed around my face and I'd put some nice makeup on.  I'm pretty, I know that, I'm not beautiful though.

I stepped out of the limo, camera's blinded me, I was wearing sunglasses though, I read in a magazine that you should do that.

I did my best walk up to the house and knocked on the door. It opened quickly. I was pulled inside by a perfectly minicured hand.

"Wow!"I gasped, it was amazing. THEN SAHSA LIVETON WAS SMILING AT ME!!!

"Oh, my, god!"I squealed. She grinned.

"Will you sing for me? I mean, I need to know who's replacing me!" She smiled, I nodded at her and sang my fav song by her; Phones, homes and partys

I finished and she beamed at me.

"Your PERFECT!"She cried. I blushed and smiled.

"Thanks! And um, where shoul I sleep?" I stammered.

"In MY room of course!"She said, mock slapping my wrist. Which she grabbed to pull me to her room.

"Um, Sash, before you go, can I have a photo with you?" I said. I was more confident now.

"Sure! I guess no one will believe you if you don't have one WITH me!" Then we both smiled at the camera.

"Bye!I gotta run! Hope you like your stay!"Then she dashed out, grabbing her siutcase.

OMG!I was in Sash Livetons house.....

The End

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