I slam the door behind me as the press bang against it. I lock the door and realise my breathing is heavy.

I walk over and fall on to the sofa. "I hate being famous" I mutter pushing a hand back through my hair and sigh.

I stand up and grab my phone dialling Dan's number.

"Hello, super star" he sings into the phone.

"Dan, I can't take this" I almost shout down the phone. "Can't you find a replacement to take my place for a while"

"Oh Hun, of coarse maybe I could get this girl my bro Tommy's been on about" Dan says down the phone.

"Great, I just can't deal with the press twenty four seven. I mean they follow me shopping for flips shake and wrote my whole shopping list in the paper" I say walking into my bedroom and falling on to my bed.

"You know Hun. I'll get the girl as soon as I can, she surpposedly just your height"

"Well, lets hope her voice can sing my notes. See ya Dan"

"Bye Sasha Hun" I press end and groan when I hear clicking of camera's still outside.

So much for a peaceful work free day.

The End

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