Keera is a normal girl, not popular, not cool. She does her homework, doesn't talk much, hasn't got many friends.
But there IS one thing she has that people envy...She can sing.
He life was going noramlly until she gets discovered. And her life will change...Forever.

I walk into the music classroom. I love music. Nobody else does. It's because when they are told to sing...They can't. I can. I'm not a wimp. I'll sing in front of my class any day! Jenny, the popular girl, always glares at me when I sing. She thinks she can sing. Now she knows she can't....He rmum got her a voice coach, h quit after one lesson. He said he couldn't stand her voice any longer!HA!

"Hello class!"The teacher cried. Now, today we'll be having a singing con-"

"Singing contest."The rest of the class finished for her. Everyone LOVED them...Except Jenny. I gave a little whoop, earning a few weird looks.

"Now, who wants to be the judges?" She asked."I will be one...Jenny, your hand was up first...Spencer.....and....Tommy!"They all sat at the front desk.

We all made a line, I was near the middle.

Sarah went first. She's okay. Then a few other popular girls. The Steph, my best mate went. She can't sing for toffies! And she knows. But she sang all the same.

"Keera1 Your up!"Cried Miss Mack. People looked more perked up at the sound of my name. They all knew I would have been practising a song. We have two music lessons a week. This was the second one, on 5th period Frieday. I stood up to the space, grabbing the microphone from Steph. She grinned at me. I grinned back wikedly. Jenny looked like she'd just been forsed to eat a lemon! She glared at me. I smiled at her sweetly.

"Hi!"I said calmly. People looked interested. Whispering about what I was gonna sing. "Today, I'm going to sing....The Fame, by Lady Gaga."

"OK, begin."Said Spencer.

"I can't help myself
I'm addicted to a life of material...

Thank you!" I said breathlessly. I'd been clutching the mic and my hands were white. Everyone except Jenny clapped wildly.

"Well, judges! What do we think?" Said Miss Mack. "Well, I think, as always, you have the most amazing voice a 15 year old girl could EVER have! Jenny?" She smiled.

"Well. I agree with Miss Mack...But I don't think your giving it your full effort. I mean. You went off alot of notes!"She said sweetly. Smiling evilly at me. When she said this, a few more people shouted at her.

"Well..."Spencer said, "you were great. You sang it perfectly! I love your voice! It's beautiful!" He blushed when I smiled at him. I'd always known he'd had a crush on me. But I'd known him since I was 3. It would feels weird..Like I was going it out with my brother!

Then it was Tommy's turn," I know! You should meet my big brothers friends, Jake! I bet he can make you famous in a few seconds!"He cried. A few people shouted; "YEAH!"

I smiled. And nodded politly. Then took my place at the back of the classroom.

Maybe I would take up Tommy's offer.....

The End

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