Fall for me, Fall into place

love song

I find you fascinating beyond compare

And I can see myself falling for you

But will you fall for me?

Are my eyes tempting enough to hook you?

Are my lips bold enough for you?




This is me, I’m already the butterfly

My wings may grow brighter in the sun

But maybe not much

A different hair cut can do wonders

But do you think that would be my life?

Living life as mouldable dough?




I feel lighter around you

Feel like floating away

I’m lucid dreaming yet I’m still awake

I want that for awhile

Tell me you do too




I want to be in the back seat of your car

I want to walk hand in hand

I want to wake up to the smell of bacon frying

Basically I want to settle into that certainty

Where we don’t ask for permission or to tip toe

Let’s take us there



The End

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