Faith it just a bunch of statements.
Whether they are facts, or opinions, or lies, no one will ever know. That's what religion is about. Uncertainty. We believe what we want to believe, what we think makes the most sense in the world and the most feasible and pleasant truth. Choosing your own truth, and not interfering with others'.

That is what faith is.

Or that is what it is supposed to be.

Now, though, faith is a topic of argument. Every citizen of the world thinks that their faith is correct. Which is true. Every faith is correct. But every citizen now thinks that their faith is the only correct faith in the world. People are forced to believe in other faiths and other religions, in another's truth, which in fact is a lie to them. And since it is a lie to them, they will never truly believe it.

That is not faith.

So every person's faith is their own decision and their own concept.

  That is faith.

The End

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