It'll Get BetterMature

It'll Get Better – 03/11/2015

Just hold on tight
A little bit longer
Things'll get better
You'll feel stronger
Soon I swear

It's all things I hear
All crystal clear
But it translates to nothing in my head
So tired of hearing words
And seeing no change

I've had enough of playing optimism
I want something real to make it so
Had enough of pretending
I can keep on breathing
With no good end in sight

So don't you say to me those words
I've had enough of them you hear
I ain't got time to listen anymore
Gotta slam the doors and rage
'Cause I'm tired of acting like the stronger party

You left me after saying you loved me
Well if you loved me, why would you go?
Don't pretend you truly meant those words
'Cause those words meant nothing in the end
You still walked away when the moment came

And now I'm here
Stuck in limbo
Just waiting on so many things
And I'm here
Watching days pass
Feeling hopeless
Without any driving force
Where do I go from here?
There's no instructions anymore

Everyone keeps saying
It'll get better
But will it?
The words keep ringing round my head
It'll get better eventually
I've been waiting a long time
But I'm starting to think
We get one shot at this happiness shit
And I went and blew it
All 'cause of something I had no control of

Now I'm waiting
So much waiting
It's getting harder to face the day
Feeling more like crawling
And hiding away
I just want to disappear
In so many different ways

Throw my lot to the wind
Who really gives a fuck
I want to scream and shout
But I've got no luck
Want to run for the hills
Want to stay in my quilt

I'm a mess with no clue
How do I forget you?

It won't get better
Stop trying to say it will
I'm not an idiot
I've lived too much to know
It'll be more crap
It'll be more hell
They'll be moments but they'll brief

Tell me how is this life worth living
When I'm stuck with a body I'll always hate
With parts I can't change
Knowing people will always judge me
I'll get rejected every single time for something I never choose
How the hell am I supposed to find any happiness?
I had my shot at it
And I went and blew it
All 'cause of something I had no control of

The End

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