Turning PointMature

Turning Point – 28/02/2014

This is the turning point
The moment of no return
This is our final choice
Do we give it all?
Or do we give it up?

This is the turning point
One we can't undo
This your choice
So won't you make it up please
I won't blame you
No matter what you chose

But don't leave me hanging
Stuck in a limbo
I need to know if me and you
Are still alive

This is the turning point
One we've got to walk through
Did we endure all the fire
Just to get burnt and wither away?
Do you think what we've built
Is worth fighting for?

Honey don't ignore everything
Don't pretend nothing happening
Don't say 'I don't know' anymore
I can't stay here
Wondering what the fate
Of our love is going to be

I know exactly what you want
Know that I can't give that
I know exactly what I want
It's a choice I can't take back
So now one of us has got to voice the words

Are you really going to leave that to me?
Are you waiting for me
To say words you simply cannot?
Oh, tell me darling
Why can't you?

Maybe you need more time
But I can't wait around
Give me an answer please
Can you still love me
When I'm finally
The true me?

The End

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