I'm back! Let's do some freewriting!Mature

University is a hard thing to work around, but after a long and drawn out onslaught of problems I have returned. To celebrate this, I am going to do a ten minute freewriting exercise Related to Morning Extraordinary. Then five minutes. Then two minutes. Then one. Then thirty seconds. Twenty. Ten. Five. And finally three. Let's get started!

10 minutes: It was summer of 2012. I had spent most of the previous night hanging out with Derek and Alex talking about how much we wanted to do something interesting in Astoria. Honestly, this town has never been a place when entertainment ISN'T to be had, but hey, we get bored. A new girl moved in next door. She's cute. I wonder if maybe I should try to talk to her. Or maybe I should welcome her to the neighborhood. Or maybe I should stop staring at her legs so much before she sees me, realizes I'm a pervert, and never wants to speak to me again.

I've never been great around women. Not awful, but never great. I have dated before, but every relationship I've had so far has ended in either tears, anger, or a crazy fucked up psycho chick trying to kill me. I'm sorry, that language was rude, but in all honesty it had to be used. I have enjoyed my life for the absolute most part, I just sometimes wish I had someone to share it with. Someone who I could read and write books with, or walk through forests with, or make out with like crazy when I'm bored.

Oh, right, I'm an author. I should address that. I'm not going to give any details on what I've done, but let me just say that I'm decently well off thanks to the last book I released, and now people love me. Well, some do. Others just think I have a massive ego. I'm not going to lie, I am pretty proud of myself, but I try not to let that get the best of me most of the times, and thank goodness for that. Honestly if I did, I would probably have no friends at this point.

Oh god look at her. Maybe if I went out on the lawn and wrote for a bit she would come up and inquire about what I was doing. And then I'd be like "Well I am just writing the greatest thing the word has ever seen, my dear." And she'd be like "Wow, that's really cool, you're really hot, I want you so bad." Boom boom that's how babies are made. I think. I mean yeah, that's it. Who am I kidding, this sounds stupid. I should try it anyway, maybe I can get some inspiration from being outside. Not too long though, it might start raining. Should I grab a binder? Nah, too much to carry for no reason.

5. It was December 2011, Christmas. Derek was forcing me on a blind date with a girl I may or may not have met. I don't know. Derek didn't explain. But I had just broken up with Amy so I really had nothing to lose.

I was sitting alone in the restaurant, a little bored, when I saw a girl walking towards me. She was cute, but not in a very threatening way.

"Hi, are you Jason?" She asked, in a very soft voice.

"Yes that would be me. I'm sorry, Derek didn't tell me your name." She smiled slightly. She seemed shy, I think I'm intrigued.

"I'm Tonya. I'm in Derek's art class." Derek takes art class? Maybe I should go into that next year. Interesting. I motioned for her to sit down, and then I asked her the only question I could think of at that point.

"So Tina, what's your favorite movie?"

"Oh I actually really enjoyed Little Shop of Horrors." She likes Little shop? Wow, I think I might actually get along well with this girl. If that's a movie you love, then I couldn't wait to see what else she has to say. Maybe we have even more things in common, I'm excited! "... and then the dentist hit the nurse in the face and..." I had just realized that she was still talking. I've been wrong before.

2. It was September 2011. It was the first day back to school and I was not excited. Mostly because I hate all of humanity. All, of humanity. That's not true, I just thought it would be a good intro to this. My name is Jason, and I'm a writer, except I'm almost positive I have ADD. Either that or my brain just has way too much to talk about right now. I'm sorry if this annoys you, reader, but I'm not very good at this. Let's start again. Old Macdonald had a farm, YMCA, dude where's my car?

1. I'm not sure what day it was. I spent the entire time in my room writing what I hoped would be a famous mystery novel. It has no title yet, but the plot is fantastic. I can't wait for you to read it. In fact, because I can't wait at all, I'll read a bit of it to you. Ahem. "The..." -minute over-

30 seconds. I started trying to sell my book today. It worked! People bought it! Yay! I have money now! I am now a more happy child! Yay creativity!

20. So I watched Peter Pan again today, it turns out even though I'm named after the author, the movie still keeps its touch, and I love it.

10. I'm Bored. I think I should watch Peter Pan today.

5. I need a girlfriend desperately right now.

3. Somebody fuck me!


The End

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