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Now I may actually have a use for an Alex list in the future, but until then, this is unneeded. I wanted to have a bit of character development for Alex in chapter five, but the list I came up with I was desperately unsatisfied with. So I scrapped it, and ended up turning chapter five into an introduction for a new character, Derek. Anyway, this is the original deleted writings of why Alex is annoying.

There were a lot of things that I didn't like about Alex, such as his annoying nature, his impatience, his lack of creativity, and his tendency to whine about everything. He wasn't like this in elementary school. He was quirky, energetic and happy, but I rarely ever caught him at a time where he was intolerable. I came up with a a few reasons for why he may have changed.

  1. When we got to high school, Alex was bullied more than any other kid in Astoria.
  2. My winning the Edgar award made him feel like he hasn't accomplished enough in his life.
  3. He felt intimidated by my superior intellect, which, to be fair, I have demonstrated too many times to count in our conversations.
  4. His dick is the size of the plastic thing on the end of a shoe lace (aglet), after it's been chewed up by a baby crocodile.

It truly saddened me to see Alex change like this. However, over the past two years changed my view of him from pitiful, to insufferable

The End

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