Extras from Morning ExtraordinaryMature

So I'm currently writing a potential novel known as Morning Extraordinary. The main character, Jason Martindale, has a thing with making lists... in that he really really likes doing it. While it often works with the story, there have been a few cases where I came up with a list and was like "This blows". So this is where all my extra lists and other ideas will go.

ESG here. As I type this, I am in chapter five of Morning Extraordinary, which you should probably read if you're going to read this thing. This is just an introduction to a big list 0f things that I could've put in the story, but didn't, because I care about the outcome of the story. So I will be putting those here. Not of this page, because this site believes that I want the first chapter of every story to be the title. But starting page two, you'll get to see a bit of what goes inside my head while writing my baby. Enjoy :)

The End

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