Religion in North HampshireMature

Although chivalry is an important part of the culture of North Hampshire, faith doesn't necessarily have to be.

Since magic works in the Realm, there are many wizards and witches.  Some of them follow "the old ways" - if they use the old ways as part of their magic, then many times they are considered priests or priestesses.

There is no official religion.  All religions, including those involving willing human sacrifices, are allowed.  The Queen believes in the Wiccan Way with a touch of Italian Striga.  She follows the typical holidays, including Sabbats on the full moon.  Not all follow the Queen's religion.

It's said among the Silver Mountains that some men choose to become Wicker Men.

Muirland is well known to be a haven for demon summoners and thieves of all sorts, dark gods and goddess of chaos and hate.  Muir's wife and daughters are witches of the evillest sort, allegedly choosing to take men and kill them or use their blood.

Some Catholics exist, and other protestant faiths; none are expected to use force to gain souls (except, allegedly, Muirland).  Some certain protestant faiths, such as Quakers or Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed in some lands because their faith takes the place of the faith of the state.  For example, Quakers are not allowed in the Northern Keep because all people - male or female - must do some time in the army.

The Native lands have their own religion with their own rites.

The End

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