The LandsMature

Each Land is ruled by a Lord (except the Native Land which will be explained in a different post).  There are 10 lands:

Dark Forest (including Maine and the northern part of New Hampshire) - Lord Nexxus

Hawk's Aerie - Lord Jason Hawke

Hunter's Realm - Lord Hunter Blake

Orange - Lord Joshua of Orange

Muirland - Lord Muir

Silver Mountains - Lady Shea

Northern Keep - Lord Arlik

Allagash - Lord Mord d'Francis

Midlands - Lord Robert (though it's believed he is dead)

Royal Lakes - Lord Lyon

Native Lands - Chief White Wind

Each land is its own house, and once a Lord is chosen (or inherits, or battles his or her way to the top) he assumes the colors and heraldry of that house.  After he dies, he is treated according to his reign - from being buried in the Royal Lands to being burned as a pauper.

The End

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