The SwordsMature

In the Realm of North Hampshire, missile types of weapons run by advanced technology (i.e. guns) do not work.  Supposedly there is a spell on the land that a missile type of weapon cannot be used to kill another human being.  It's part of the legend, and it's probably been tested, though no one talks about the results of the tests.

Because of that, there are other weapons at use, and these are swords or other close-quarter bladed weapons.  It is said that the reason close-quarter weapons are used is so that the other person can see the results of their fight, and this often deters further usage of the blade.

However, some people enjoy seeing others die or bleed on their account, and these men and women are absorbed into the King's Swords.

The King's Swords are above the law.  Most are Swordmasters, part of a guild of men and women who are proficient in their chosen weapon.  Although most of the time they are swords, they can be knives, axes, or bows and arrows.  They swear allegiance to the guild first, and then a special few are chosen to be King's Swords.

King's Swords are people who are given coin to hurt, maim, or kill another human being (or sometimes maim property, or sometimes steal something).  Supposedly these people are expressing the King's "True Will".  King's Swords are often called in to fight bloody feuds, and it isn't until the Queen's Sword steps in before the feud is ended.

The Queen's Sword is one person, male or female.  He or she takes a special gold coin and listens to a person's story.  If that person's story is in need of justice rectified, then the Queen's Sword does whatever deed the Queen's Sword deems as apt punishment.  He or she could turn against the storyteller and destroy them, or do as the storyteller requests.  Whatever decision the Queen's Sword makes is final, and there is no retribution.

The guild also has a Swordking, who is the leader of all the Swords in the realm.  The guild does not condone the law and justice of the King's and Queen's Swords, yet they support whatever decision the Queen's Sword makes.

In the present day, the Swordking and the Queen's Sword are the same man: Luther Blademaster.  This hardly ever happens, and is considered the harbinger of bad tidings.

The End

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