The KingMature

It's said in North Hampshire, the king is the law, but the queen is justice.

The king is the arbiter of lands and other physical property.  He is the liaison between the Native Lands and North Hampshire, and he is often the liaison between North Hampshire and the New Realms (known by the old timers as "The Union").

The king is the consort of the queen.  They don't have to share a sexual relationship, and can even be brother and sister.  The king is usually male, though technically can be a female.

The king is also an advisor to the queen, can summon the Lords to council, can create a property law without having to go through the council.  

He has his own guards to his own person, and he also is known to be responsible for the Swordmasters (coming soon).  

He must progress with the queen when she goes to tour the lands.  He and his men are subordinate to the wishes of the queen.

King Stephen is the present king in North Hampshire.  Rumor has it he wishes to change the laws so that he and future kings are in charge, yet only one of the Lords is on his side to do it.

(More to come)

The End

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