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The Queen is the true ruler of the Realm, and once she is installed by an election of her peers (the Lords of the Realm), she is there for life or until she chooses to retire, which must be at the age of 40 or above.

The queen may choose a consort.  This consort, in accordance with the law of the land, is her partner for two years.  After two years, the consort or queen can choose not to "renew their contract" for another two years and go their separate ways, with compensation given from the party that wishes to break the contract to the "injured" party.  If both parties wish to amicably split, then both offer compensation to the other, though it is most times refused by courtesy.

Any time during those two years, with the queen's permission, the consort can be challenged to a duel.  This duel is to the death.

The queen must make a progress through her realm once every five years, going to each Lord's manor/fief/castle and spending time there.  The court follows.  While she is there, petitions brought to the Lord can be brought directly to her.  She overrules whatever the Lord says, and she has ways to back it up.

The Queen's Blade is not directly by her and is not sanctioned by her (technically).

The Queen's Road is named because it progresses through all the Lands.

Anyone can petition the Queen.  She is considered the supreme court of the land.  However if there are any additions or changes to the Laws of the Land, then they must go through her Lords as well.

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