Our Northern NeighborsMature

by Ursula Young

Children born in the Northern Realms are born frozen in time.  

During the successionist fever in the 1860's, a philanthropic railroad baron named Harold Nichols fell in love with the harsh, native land of middle Maine.  The forests were so thick and dense that no one had ever gone through them.  He purchased fifty-thousand acres, sight-unseen, and then purchased abutting bits of land eventually comprising of Piscataquis and northern parts of Somerset.  

He built a castle along a lake, called the Queen's Lake, and swore he had a vision.  He would recreate a medieval world, with castles, lords, ladies and kings and queens.  There would be laws based on chivalry, heraldry, belief in faith.

Harold, considered the first King of North Hampshire, found another native group living on his land.  He left them alone to keep their culture, religion, and language.  The Piscataquis worked with and for King Harold in building many castles and fiefs dotted along the middle part of Maine, some easily accessable by a King's Road, some more distant by the Queen's Road.

After Harold died, his youngest son George took up the mantle and purchased more land to the north to the edge of the St. Lawrence River, the border of Canada.  Calling this "The North", it was divided into three sections: Allagash, The Northern Keep, and the Silver Mountains.

All was quiet during World War II.  However, the Northern Land closed their borders so as to not allow draft dodgers to cross into their land.  It was said that if one did, they ended up taking one step into their land, and the second step into Canada.

This fed the urban legend that the Northern Realms (Now called the Realm of North Hampshire, as parts of New Hampshire were included) had the ability to use magic.  It's true they have people who are "wizards" and "witches", and that the cold, forbidding north had magic to keep people sane there.  Travel was by teleporting, not only by horse.  Parts of the north were kept pristine and without snow or ice, in a perpetual state of spring ecology.  

No one truly knows, because it is known that technology does not work in the Northern Realms.  No technology works.  This includes cars, phones, computers, and even guns.  

When Mars Hill joined (known as Mars Hill) and Caribou (known as Eastland) joined, they froze in 1968.  However, technology works even there.  Computers, phones, and television works.  They have a radio and a TV station there.  Reporters are allowed to go to those places, and people have regular, normal, urban jobs.  You will often see people in medieval dress - or even with suits and ties or tasteful business dresses - with swords strapped to their hips.

It is not unusual to see a horse and a car sharing the same street (horses are bred to handle traffic, similar to the Amish), even though some streets are for horses or cars only.  Yet the area is under the same medieval rule as its counterparts.  The county jail sits with only half capacity, as capital punishment is as nearly as common as fines are in the modern world.  The fact that a person who threatens another is the person who must rectify the situation is a deterrent against frivilous fights and lawsuits.  Many fights are to the death or maiming, duels being serious business and always hand-to-hand fighting.

The present king is King Stephen, with his Queen Jacqueline.  Neither they or their representatives, or even anyone in the Northern Realms, accepted our request for an interview.  

The End

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