The Folk HistoryMature

Culture, religion, and other explorations of North Hampshire, a combination of the SCA and Darkover, located in northern Maine and parts of New Hampshire.

We are the free, free men of North Hampshire, from the Northern Keep to Hunter's Realm, from Allagash to Muirland, we are magic, technology, the center of the East.

We have magic in the Silver Mountains; we have technology in Orange.  The King's Road binds us, the Queen's Road shows us who we are.  For our King Stephen - long may he live! - (Repsonse, with toasts: Long may he live!) the second consort of our Queen Jacqueline - long may she reign! (Response, with toasts: Long may she reign!).

We came together in the year one, wherein King Harold did buy this land from natives, and reserved unto them their peaceful lands.  His land grew by purchase and force, but so the native lands remain, a part of our North Hampshire, where they grow and thrive with their language and lore.

And then the Union wished to take our land away, but King Harold put the request to the people, and they fought to stay free.  As the South broke from its neighbors, so did we.  Yet no one fought us.  No one denied us.  So we were free, and others joined us.

In the later times, others wished to be free.  A long road was built to Canada, and those of the East of the long road wished to join us.  We accepted them, and they partially left the Union.  They are the Late Realms, Muirland and Orange, so have the technology which crosses with our magic.  

Our magic is powerful.  Our technology immense.  Technology cannot work among magic and magic cannot work among technology.  Our wizards and witches of the Covens cannot work among the technocrats of Muirland.

Yet Hunter's Realm is the only place where both are allowed, though neither are strong.  Guns cannot work here.  Spells backfire.  This is why you of the Flatlands can come to this realm for this month of feasting and celebration.  You cannot cross the Four Rivers, at pain and penalty of death - and we cannot cross our borders, lest we may lose our magic to your technology.

So welcome to our realm, respect our laws, our courtesy, our hospitality.  For if you do not, ye shall be marked, and never allowed again.

The End

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