Explain this thing called "Love"

I'm at that point where I can't function because this thought is tickling the back of my brain.

There isn't much to it. Love has a lot of meanings. Every artist uses it as a focal point on a song or piece of art. So many have tried to explain what it means to be in love. As if it is some kind of exclusive club. This is the group of people in love, over there is the chess club, and there are a bunch of fitness fanatics by the door. We can fall in love, like a gaping hole in the ground. One step in and you are in this constant free drop. Nothing can stop you from the momentum until you slam face first onto a concrete slab. This is where love starts to hurt you. They say that this person has torn out your heart, and stabbed you. Love affects us so much that we use very graphic words to describe our feelings for it. I know that it is an exaggeration, but love has so much of these metaphors. They can be so complicated that a bunch of philosophers have to think of ways to understand it. Loving another is easy. Love is difficult. Love is real. Love is fake. Love is an action. Love is a feeling. Can someone please make up their mind and tell me? 

Why is this so important? Why are people so scared of it? How do you when it is real? Why do you have to choose between listening to your brain and your heart? 

And why are we working so hard to find it, as if it is the ultimate treasure. 

The End

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