Experimental Character Description

My friend asked me to write him a character description, gave me the basics, and well, heres what I tried.

His long smooth hair cascaded to around his shoulders, framing his peachy face, his skin warm and smooth to touch, his eyes were a brilliant, piercing green, he was handsome, well built. He was heavily armoured, the armour a mix of black and red, the main colour was black, with red as a secondary colour, there was also a red eagle emblazoned onto his chest, and wore black gloves which reached to above his elbows. The shoulder plates stuck out a little bit, having two layers then wrapped around the back of his neck. He had red and black boots on also with the primary colour as black and the secondary as red. Red covered the toes of his boots and trailed up to the top of them, the rim was a blood red. He kept a dagger in his right boot, hidden from sight. He had a weapon at his hip ready to be used, his sheild also rested up against him.

The End

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