Excerpt from novel

Chapter 5:

I woke up the next day, to the sound of my parents arguing. This had become part of my daily routine, but this argument was especially bad. I got out of bed quietly and sneaked away. I didn't want to be around when my parents decided to take their anger out on someone else. I went to the pier.

I'm still surprised that I never took to trying drugs. All the other kids from my social class did drugs to help them cope with all the stress but it just never appealed to me. Whenever I wanted to relieve some stress, I would walk down to the pier and play some classical music. The pier saw me through some of my worst days. Middle school was especially troubling. It was at that point where I just stopped trying. Nothing challenged me so I just stopped doing it. My parents would get really upset whenever my report card came in. It became very gloomy at my house. I thought of running away but that wasn't likely. Unlike so many other kids my age, I thought everything through. It was part of the reason I was so depressed as a child. I didn't get to see the world through the carefree mindset of all my friends.

It was around the end of eighth grade when I realized that I wanted to start a business. By the end of the year, I had made five hundred dollars. Most of it came through selling random paper products to the other kids. I then started a lawn mowing company which quickly became the largest home garden and lawn maintenance company in the country, by the end of sophomore year. I became very rich but it hardened me. I lost all my friends. I then left the company and sold my stake and decided to pull my act together and pay attention in school. I refused to touch my money, I gave it all to charity. I hadn't done it for the money, I did it for the thrill of beating my competition. I loved competing and more importantly, I loved winning.

Then, I came to the realization that this was just another game. I had to find a way to lift this curse. 

The End

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