A small excerpt from a scene in the story i am working on.

Meribel stood with chin pressed to chest, fighting against exhaustion and defeat. She fell forward, knees sinking into the red stained mud. Tears rolling down her face, heart heavy with guilt and throat thick with grief she mourned for the loss of her fallen warrior. Vile, penetrating laughter filling the air. Carried over the sounds of battle only she could hear the mocking taunts her enemy directed at her.
She clenched her eyes shut, willing her ears not to hear. Though it was by another’s hand she knew it was her fault he was dead. As surely as if it had been her sword that severed the head from body.
A metal plated boot stomped down on the body laying mangled at her knees, her head wretched backwards she was forced to look into the eyes of her foe. She eyes burned into his skull and she saw through to his broken soul.
He sneered back.
‘Little girl, you play a dangerous game for high stakes. Return to your whore mothers arms and beg mercy of your weak gods that we do not meet again lest you come to the same fate’
She ground her teeth and spat full in his face.
‘Beg yourself, for he will be avenged. By my hand’
Metal flashed in front of her eyes and pain seared across her face.
‘Do not test my patience child!’
His voice boomed as something solid and heavy collided with the side of her helmet. Ringing filling her ears and all light faded from her eyes she sank into the abyss.

The End

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