Everyone's the same, aren't they?

y Charlotte Thompson, Age 14
This was written when I was diagnosed with depression after being bullied for a long period of time. Example 'Deadly Frost' interprets the way in which these people can be harmful in a way in which they hurt others around them, and don't seem to care.


Everyone's the same, aren't they?


Too many days, I've waited for this moment,

suffering, I barely remember the last time of my over joying happiness.

Growing weaker by the pace of my breath,

disappearing into the golden sand beneath my feet.

Climbing over the highest mountain to the nearest cave; my life confronts me like a blizzard of darkness followed by the deadly frost ready to cause me more pain.


Do you listen to your heart beat?

That is the question I have asked so many.

Pinned to the wall and stabbed a thousand times I never died, I never gave up hope.

I used to believe in myself that I could make a difference in the world we live in.

Am I the only victim in this godforsaken world on my way to abyss?


But it seems like it.

All the happiness of my life drowning right infront of me into the salty blue sea.

The ocean of my life gone forever,

now I may never find happiness again.


Where do I belong?

Not here, somewhere in the deepest jungle of the biggest branch on the tallest tree ready to meet my un-joyful life again.

I have waited too long that the roots of my flower have dislocated and flown away into oblivion.

Where I wait for the sun to rise and replant me.

The End

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