Religion, And Why I'm An Atheist.

I'm an atheist, but I prefer not to get into the fine details of religious arguments, because I am able to see both points of view. 

I went to a C of E school as my primary school and we had our local church come in every week and talk to us and teach us Religious Studies occasionally. We used to have a Harvest Festival and a Christmas Concert. When I was younger I didn't mind it really, because I was just being told really that this is what it is right to believe.

However once I left the influence of my primary school to a multi faith secondary I began to realise that I didn't have to be forced to believe. I began to detest religion, feeling that I had been forced to believe something I didn't really agree with or have an interest in. It was at this point I was questioning my sexuality and looking on the internet and talking to the church of my childhood I realised, at least from where I come from that religion and sexuality are not interchangeable. So I had a choice, keep the faith I sort of believed in and ignore my sexuality or embrace my sexuality and leave faith behind.

Looking back now that I am detached from my faith, I sort of regret having to leave faith behind at that time in my life. However I opened myself up to embrace not only my sexuality with a lack of constrain from my faith it but also Paganism.  

I am not a practising pagan but believe in their beliefs and ideals. If I had had this experience with Christianity, instead of having the belief forced upon me when I was a child then I probably would be a believer and regular church goer but I am happy in the position I am in so am less interested in the argument between the Atheist world and the Christians and members of other faiths because as long as I'm happy with my own faith I not really interested in anyone else's opinion on something that is so personal to me.

The End

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