The C.of.E and Coalition Government.

There are social norms and opinions and viewpoints that haven't changed over time but should be questioned. I am a politics student so I consider this practice for essays and questions.

Being a member of the gay community the recent news that has come from Culture Secretary  Maria Miller and the other high ups in the coalition, has pleased me in a way but also shocked me. The Church of England will be banned in law for holding same sex marriages, whereas other religious institutions can simply 'opt in'.

A little history on the Church of England. It was set up by Henry VIII when he wanted to divorce first wife Catherine of Aragon because she provided him with a female heir not a male one. Effectively the Church of England's own creation is against the definition of traditional marriage that it holds in such high esteem. 

The fact that the Conservative Party suggested the proposal at all is surprising considering the traditional conservatives show the party up as being the "nasty party", influenced by the backbenchers and traditionalists that seem to be stuck in the early 1900's when class and social status still ruled supreme, and marriage was for title and money.

The fact that over 100 Tories , who object to the small step forward more moderate Tories are making, still refuse to except that we are in 2012 and a more tolerant world ultimately disgusts me. One of them is my MP and I feel extremely under represented. The claim from these MPs that the Church of England has wholly said they are against same-sex marriages also appears to be a biased assumption to prove their points. Former bishops are coming forward in support and indicating that many current bishops also support same sex marriages but feel unable to state this publicly. 

Overall I feel that David Cameron's idea was better, that same - sex marriage should be 100% legal but with the promise that no religious institute would be forced to perform these services and would be legally protected. This is a bigger step forward and it is rubbish to claim that the Tories will lose votes - maybe from there traditionalists that need to also become members of the 21st century, but gain them from people that they have previously not represented. The legislation needs to be seriously looked at and personally maybe a referendum would make it resolute how the country feels rather than the MPs that claim to represent us. 

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