personal essay for college

The spaces between my hands where yours once fit, the gap between my arms where yours once were. I can sit and think about you, but that won’t bring you back. I can ask questions, but they will be left unanswered.

December 27, 2011 changed my life. The only mother I had ever known left me. Now what? Where would I go? Who would love me unconditionally like her? No one, I thought. I knew I was alone with no help. I knew no one like her would ever come back to me.

I wasn’t an average teen. My father was killed when I was 3; my mother chose drugs over caring for me. I tested positive for cocaine. I became a ward of the state. Why was my life like this? I prayed but God never seemed to hear my prayers answered. I cried until my pillow was wet but no one dried it. I was tired of living like this. I was tired of taking water from busted pipes. I was tired of our rundown apartment. Besides, I didn’t want my child to grow up like me.

I was managing to stay in school. Ever since elementary school I loved sports and I was a good athlete. In high school I could talk to my teachers about my problems at home. Now I had a team on my side and sports became my passion. But I couldn’t just be an athlete I had to be a student first. For the first time I began studying for test raised my hands and asks question. I didn’t forget my past but I began why I tried so hard to change.

Experiencing all of those life changing events and enduring all of the hurt and pain has made me this strong young woman I am today. With my strong determination to achieve my dreams and goals, I will be the successful person that I want to be and prove that out of struggle comes success. My family struggles helped me be independent because during college there won’t be anyone there to help me. I’ve learned to support myself and be the mother my child needs me to be. I couldn’t let my problems affect him and stop his dreams. I have to be there and be strong no matter what.


The End

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