There is no escape from life's stress's.

Everyday there is fighting, yelling and chaos. It takes so much energy so not scream and run away. I'm a person who stress's over every little details, panics about things that haven't even happened yet, and gets angry over all the small things. I find it hard to appreciate the little things in life that are meant to make us go 'ooooh'. It just doesn't happen to me. Expect for my kids. They can give me a hug or say 'ta' and I melt inside. I cant handle being in a room with lots of people, the noise and havoc causes me into a state of frustration and agitation , like a panic attack, but not. I have no escape. I have tried time out at the gym, but come home after an hour walk straight into the door to fighting, yelling and chaos. The hard work I put in at the gym balancing my body or stepping my body were a complete waste. Yoga, I'm so stressed and pondering over things that I cant even shut off for the relaxation part or do the breathing right. I have no escape.
The End

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