The Truest of Loves

Two years have gone by and our journey together has come to an end. Tomorrow, you won't pick me up from home and we won't drive to college together. I don't know when our fingers will be entwined together again. When will we meet again - if ever?

My relationship history was not commendable - unless you were looking for a world record for shortest relationships. It's not like I didn't want a stable relationship or wasn't serious about these guys. Things just never seemed to work out right. Most of them were either too freaky or too geeky, too detached or too clingy. Some were too dominating, others too easily pushed around. Of course, there were also the occasional ones who were just looking for you-know-what.

I didn't have a mental image of what the perfect one would be like and I compensated by trying out the ones that could have been. Bad idea though...

I did have one rule though. Do not date a guy in your school/college. Why? My impeccable academic performance was not to be taken a chance with.  This is the only rule I had to break to meet my true  sweetheart...


The End

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